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We provide Marketing research services and Promotion services. We support our clients from product development to sales promotion. The follows are part of our service. According to your marketing topic and issue, we will custimize and propose the best suited plan.

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| Qualitative research

  • Group interview/Depth interview
  • Diary method
  • Ethnographic research

| Quantitative research

  • Internet research
  • Home Use Test (HUT)
  • Central Location Test (CLT)

| In-store marketing

  • Mystery shopper
  • ID-POS

| Global research

  • Group interview/Depth interview
  • Ethnographic research
  • Internet research

| Viral marketing

  • “Kitchen Forum” by Mrs. Do's network

| Web marketing

  • Social media set up/operation
  • Website set up/operation

| Sampling promotion

  • “”
  • “Tentame” *O2O marketing
  • Social media sampling

| In-store promotion

  • Digital signage *TV set up in a store