Human Network

Field marketers' network “Mrs. DOs”

The housewife network is the basis of our business.
We have 140 Mrs. DO all connected to the network using a PC as a terminal. We call this system of Mrs. DOs the “housewife field marketers' network”.
(*DO-san-net *japanese only)

Our members are mainly housewives with a four year university education.
We train them to collect valuable facts and information for market possibilities.

They have learned the basics of processing qualitative information.
All members know how to communicate via PC and social media.
It is a network of field-researchers.

Our new base: DO HOUSE Web services with 11,000,000 consumers

We have building up several marketing service sites. (*japanese only)

    A network of positive, dynamic, married women with a high sensitivity to life. With 4 months of in-person training, they have the ability to convey the realities of life in the workplace and on the store floor.
  • Moratame-net
    A promotion site that stimulates the motivation of customers by sampling of new products and using blogs. There are 2,000,000 members (including partners) registered.
  • Tentame
    Shoppers network that supports promotion at the store. They will buy the specified product at the shops they always go to, and will answer to questionnaires about the usability of the product.
  • Reech
    The platform has accumulated influencer data from more than 250,000 accounts and a vast amount of data from more than 100 million posts. In addition to the ability to search, analyze, and manage this data, marketing can be developed using a platform that allows direct communication with influencers.
  • Tuya-Pura
    Tuya-Pura is a beauty and health media that provides information for women in their 40s and beyond. It is one of the largest anti-aging web media and networks in Japan, boasting 4 million official LINE account friends and 91.3% of its readers are women over 40.